Lambert Gravitational Centre

In 1988 the Royal Geographical Society of Australia determined, as a Bicentenial project, the geographical centre of Australia. A monument was erected to mark the location and named in honour of Dr. Bruce P Lambert, a former Director of the Division of National mapping, for his achievements in the national survey, leveling and mapping of the continent. Similar to the centre of gravity method, the location was calculated from 24,500 points at the high water mark of Australia’s coastline. In the 1930’s when Dr C.T Madigan travelled through Central Australia he calculated the centre of gravity by using a metal …

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Johnston Goodetic Station

This trigonometric survey cairn, situated about 1 kilometer north of Mt Cavenagh Homestead, was built by officers of the Division of National Mapping in 1965 and was once the central reference point for all Australian surveys. It was named after Fredrick Marshal Johnston, former Commonwealth Surveyor General and first Director of National Mapping. Today, surveys are based on the Geocentric Datum of Australia (GDA), a new and more accurate Australian coordinate system which has replaced the Australian Geocentric Datum (AGD) of which the Johnston station is a major part. Further information on Datum types and their applications are available from …

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History Of Kulgera Roadhouse

Roy Coulthard developed Kulgera Station in 1927. He had a fuel agency, which he took up during the 30’s. All fuel (along with any other goods required such as groceries) was sent by rail to Finke and picked up from there by donkey and wagon. The fuel was sent in 4 & 8-gallon drums on crates. The fuel and oils were stored in an underground dugout which was located to the right of the building which is between the store and the old homestead now.  After the war ended the traffic was increasing progressively and it got to the stage …

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