History Of Kulgera Roadhouse

Roy Coulthard developed Kulgera Station in 1927. He had a fuel agency, which he took up during the 30’s. All fuel (along with any other goods required such as groceries) was sent by rail to Finke and picked up from there by donkey and wagon.

The fuel was sent in 4 & 8-gallon drums on crates. The fuel and oils were stored in an underground dugout which was located to the right of the building which is between the store and the old homestead now.  After the war ended the traffic was increasing progressively and it got to the stage where it was difficult to run the fuel, along with day to day station activities.

Roy Coulthard offered the agency to Jim & Lorna Wilkinson. Lorna being his daughter. So they came to Kulgera and lived with the Coulthard family at the old homestead until Jim built a home where the store now is.

Jim & Lorna built and opened the Kulgera store in 1954 and sold it on to Ben Greenwood & family in September 1958. The Greenwoods operated the store themselves until 1963. Mac Merty Lander then took on the management of the store for approximately 12 months (1963-1964).

The Greenwoods went on to sell the store to Hector Griffiths family who occupied the store from 1964-1966.

Mona & Dave Major, from Mt Cavanagh Station, bought the store from the Griffiths in 1966 and later sold the store to Jim & Nora Taylor in 1967/1968.

The Taylors sold the store onto Don & Joan Burgess in 1972. Don was the first policeman at Kulgera. Don & Joan sold the store back to Nora & Kim Taylor in 1975.

The Taylors sold the store onto Mrs. McKayand her daughter Sue (Tom McKay’s mother & sister)

The McKays sold to the Fogarty family (ex Mulga Park Station) in 1980. The store was managed by Peter and Maria Boehm. Maria being Daves daughter.

The Fogarty’s sold the store to Barry Browse & Jeff Sutton in March 1987. Jeff went on to buy Barry out of the business in 1984 and then sold it to Sabadin Petroleum in may 1991.

Sabadin Petroleum owned the business for a considerable amount of time but went on to sell the Roadhouse in March 2009 to Les & Julie Smith from Alice Springs. Les had previously worked as a police officer at Kulgera. He was based at this station from 1977-1979 with little difficulty they settled back into life at Kulgera.

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