The Bistro




Kulgera Bistro

Pub meals just like you would expect, If you are traveling along the Stuart highway, you are most likely used to low quality, cheap frozen food sold to you at a premium. Here at the Kulgera pub, we pride ourselves on our GREAT food, so stop in and try it for your self, you won’t be disappointed.

The Kulgera Pub has been the center of the Kulgera community for many years, with a variety of meals we have something to please everyone, or if your looking for a new experience try our coat of arms meal made from 100% Australian kangaroo & emu, or dive into our famous camel burger. The Kulgera pub is the perfect place for the weary traveler to enjoy a hot meal and a comfortable bed. Make sure you add the Kulgera pub to your list you won’t be disappointed.

Make sure you look at the night sky and enjoy natures light show.